The five gadgets you can’t live without everyday

As technology became more powerful, society became more aware of it, and interest in it grew exponentially. It is impossible to imagine the five gadgets you can’t live without everyday. For some, this may be considered an addiction; for others, dependence. It doesn’t matter what we call it, we can’t do without some of the essential gadgets we use on a daily basis.


Laptops perform similarly to PCs despite their small size, so buying one for business, education, or entertainment seems like a no-brainer. A laptop combines the advantages of a tablet and desktop, with the portability of a tablet and the higher memory storage and faster processing units of a desktop.

You can take your work wherever you go with a laptop and can stay connected to your colleagues and never miss a meeting. Your phone or other devices may easily transfer your incomplete work to a laptop. Innovative technologies like AirDrop allow things to be transmitted from one device to another in seconds. Using Bluetooth, AirDrop, and USB drives, you no longer have to worry about protecting your work and data.Whether you are reading a recipe or surfing the web, you can use a computer anywhere in the house. you need is an internet connection and an occasional power supply.


You can use a smartphone to do almost anything these days. I read and sometimes respond to emails while commuting, I use my smartphone for contactless payments at supermarkets, and I use a mobile app for  public transportation in my city without worrying about daily tickets or monthly passes. The most obvious uses are music (Tidal lover here), Uber/Bolt/Glovo and similar apps, WhatsApp, Discord, Slack, Banking Apps, Social Media, and even more.

Headphones and earbuds

The use of headphones and earbuds has become an essential part of our daily lives. You can use them to escape the noise from your environment and disconnect from the outside world for solace. You can lose yourself in the tunes of your favorite music with headphones and earphones.

As technology has changed, earbuds have also undergone significant changes in terms of their functionality and appearance. With wireless headsets and earphones now in fashion, a Bluetooth connection is necessary to connect your device to your audio device. The AirPods are the trendiest earphones on the market today for Apple users. You only need a Bluetooth connection to use them.

Smart Watches

Time and date are no longer the only things watches tell you. The smartwatch has taken over these traditional watches and has many advantages for users.  Hence, if you are thinking about buying a fitness tracker, a decent smartwatch can replace it.

The device can track your steps, calories, sleep, heart rate, distance walked, pulse rate, etc. If you link it to your phone or any other device, you can use it to ring your phone. When you receive a message or call, you will receive an alert on the watch. Powerful smartwatches can even accept calls. Most of them are waterproof, making them more durable.


A power bank is another essential tool in my everyday life. Sometimes I forget to charge my headphones at home. Sometimes I am traveling and need extra power during my trip, and the list goes on. The main inconvenience of a power bank is that sometimes I forget to charge it!

A power bank allows you to recharge your battery-powered electronics while you’re on the go! Power banks can be small enough to fit in your pocket or they can be large and have a large capacity.

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